How To: Crash a wedding

Crash a wedding

Learn how to crash a wedding. If you have a free Saturday, we have a way for you to score free food, free cocktails, free dancing—and maybe even a hook-up.

Step 1. Find some couples

Find an upcoming wedding by studying the wedding announcements in the paper or—if you're in the mood for a Catholic wedding—the wedding bans posted at local churches.

Step 2. Do your research

Search for the couples online. Plug their names into popular wedding portals like and, which host couples' websites.

Step 3. Get ready

Prepare for the festivities exactly as you would if you were attending the wedding as an invited guest—put on an appropriate outfit, have your hair done, get a manicure, etc.

Step 4. Have a prop

Buy a wedding card so you can carry around an envelope marked with a generic "For the Happy Couple!"

Step 5. Cruise the venues

If you couldn't find a specific wedding—or the one you did find looks lame—cruise the usual wedding venues, like fancy hotels and those big catering halls that host multiple parties at once.

Step 6. Claim the opposite connection

Whenever someone starts talking to you, beat them to the punch with, "So do you know the bride or the groom?"—then claim the opposite connection.

Step 7. Disappear for dinner

Disappear for the dinner service, if it's a seated meal. Hang out at the bar or get some air.

Step 8. Dance

When the dancing starts, hit the floor. Be sure to get in on group dances, like the hora and the electric slide.

Step 9. Throw off suspicion

Throw off suspicion by saving some dances for elderly guests and unattractive people.

Step 10. Consider catching the bouquet or garter

If you're a girl, why not try to catch the bouquet? You might get lucky.

Step 11. Stay on alert

Stay on alert for guests who grow suspicious of your presence.

Step 12. Have fun

Above all, make sure you have a good time.

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