How To: Write a Wedding Invitation

Write a Wedding Invitation

How to Write a Wedding Invitation

The wording you use for your wedding invitation is very important. Follow these steps to help ensure that your invite is as formal as the big day.

Step 1 Who Paid?

The first names that go on the invitation are those of the parents that are paying for the event. This can be either the bride's or groom's parents.

You can choose to use prefixes or to write out everyone's names in full. For example: Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Smith or Jane and Christopher Smith.


There are many options when it comes to deciding whose names to include. You can include the names of both sets of parents, or the names of the bride and groom.

Step 2 Request your guest's presence.

The next line in the invitation is the request. For example, you can use "request the honor of your presence" if it will be held at a place of worship, or "request the pleasure of your presence" for weddings not in a place of worship.

Follow this with "at the marriage of their daughter," or "at the marriage of."


"Honour" with a 'u' is the formal British spelling of the word.

Step 3 The names of the bride and groom.

Next come the names of the bride and groom. The bride is first; write out her whole first and middle name. Then the word 'to' or 'and.' You can choose to use a title for the groom or to just write out his first and middle name as well. For example: Rose White to Mr. John Wilson, or Rose White and John Wilson.

Step 4 Include date and time.

Write out the date and time of the event. The month and day are capitalized. For example:

Saturday, the twentieth of March

Two thousand and eleven

At seven o'clock in the afternoon

Step 5 Where will it be?

Tell your guests where the marriage will take place. For well-known places you don't have to write out the address. For example: The Hilton, San Francisco, California. Or, Kennedy Park, 270 Park Avenue, Hayward, California.

Step 6 Include reception information.

You can include reception information on the invitation or on a separate reply card. If you want to include it in the invitation, simply add it on a line below. You might write: Reception to follow at the Hilton Ball Room.

Other considerations

  • If you want your guests to make reservations, you can write R.S.V.P. on the invitation.
  • You might consider providing a separate reply card as your guests will be more likely to respond if they have something to send back to you.
  • Other details such as "Black Tie", "Semi-Formal" or "Adults only" can be included on the reply card.
  • Provide a separate card for your gift registry information.

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