How To: Design a floor flower arrangement for a wedding

Design a floor flower arrangement for a wedding

Following are the steps to describe how-to make floor flower arrangements:

1. The materials required for this flower arrangement are a long flower vase, few red roses, some pine leaves, few lilies and some long grass.
2. First insert the pine leaves in the vase.
3. Now insert the red roses such that they are near the mouth of the flower vase.
4. Now in insert the lily flowers. These must be taller than the pine leaves. Arrange in the order roses, then pine leaves and then lilies.
5. Now insert the tall grass to the center of the vase. Arrange grass such that it is center to the lily flowers.
6. To add more beauty, insert color beads to the lily flower stem.
7. The height variation of the flowers and the grass is important as this is a floor arrangement.

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