How To: Make a wedding pomander yourself

Make a wedding pomander yourself

The lady presenting the video shows us how to make a pomander ourselves which can be used for decoration in the church or at home or at the reception hall for your wedding. She says that she used artificial flowers which are a bit expensive but you can always use the flowers you want, either real or artificial. She says that the pomander she is going to make has a ribbon going through it so that you can hang it wherever you want. She asks you to pick up a Styrofoam ball and punch a hole through it using a needle or something. Then you to put one end of a ribbon over the hole and put it through the hole using the needle. Then you have to tie a knot on one end of the ribbon. Now, you can get some flowers with a stem of about 1 inch and punch them on the ball all around it. Then you can add up as many more balls you want, through the free end of the ribbon and make similar pomander balls. Finally she says that once you are done with it, you can use the free end of the ribbon to hang it wherever you wish. The video also says that you can visit CHEAP-CHIC-WEDDINGS for more videos.

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