How To: Attend a wedding alone

Attend a wedding alone

Learn how to attend a wedding alone. Not having a date for a wedding can be a good thing, if you know how to work it.

You Will Need

* A hotel room
* A killer suit or dress
* Conversation openers
* Dance lessons

Step 1. Get a room

Reserve a room where the bride and groom suggest you stay, likely the nearest place to the reception. You can get rides with other guests, or perhaps catch a shuttle to the festivities. This way, you can drink with abandon and freshen up at will.

Step 2. Buy a killer outfit

Spring for a killer outfit.

Step 3. Take dance lessons

If you're nervous on the dance floor, invest in a few lessons so you'll feel confident getting jiggy with other solo guests.

Do your homework—have the bride or groom give you a rundown of the other solo guests. Ask well in advance if they'll seat you at a table with cute singles.

Step 4. Work the cocktail hour

Scope out potential dance partners at the cocktail hour, in case you get stuck at a loser table.

Befriend the bartender at the start of the evening. That way, you'll always have a friendly person to hang out with—and to smooth introductions to other singles.

Step 5. Make the first move

Make the first move—whether it's asking someone to dance or simply chatting them up.

Step 6. Talk to everyone

Talk to as many new people as you can; you never know who might know someone who is perfect for you.

Step 7. Have a nightcap

Have a nightcap at the hotel bar with all your new friends. It's where everyone who doesn't have to run home to a babysitter goes when the reception ends.

FACT: The average number of guests invited to a wedding is 164.

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